I edit & proofread digital copy.

Getting your audience to visit your website, open your app, or read any of your digital content is hard. When you've finally got your audience's attention, the last thing you want is for them to find mistakes in your copy. 

Copy that has spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors stops your audience from understanding your message. Worse, it can make them doubt your integrity, professionalism, and legitimacy.

Copy that is free from mistakes and expresses your message clearly, however, helps your audience trust you.

The best way to make sure your copy is working for you (and not against you!) is to hire an editor. That's where I come in.​

I edit and proofread websites, app copy, marketing copy, and blog posts so you can be confident you're publishing accurate, clear copy that speaks to your audience.

I check your copy for:

Correct grammar

Correct punctuation

Correct spelling of British English or American English words

Correct use of words, phrases, and idioms

Logical structure





Voice that matches you and/or your brand

  • Native English speakers: If you're unsure about the nitty-gritty of grammar and punctuation rules, or you've read your writing so many times you can no longer spot mistakes, or you'd simply prefer not to spend hours checking semicolons and figuring out whether to use affect or effect, get in touch with me!

  • Non-native English speakers: If you don't know whether you're using the right tone or formality with your audience, or you're unsure if your phrases and word choice sound natural to native English speakers, I can help you!

  • German speakers: If you're worried about accidentally using Denglish in your copy, or if you want a native English speaker who speaks German to check your writing for correct phrasing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling, ich bin für Sie da!

I offer two kinds of editing:

  • Light copyediting/proofreading: If your copy has been edited at least once, I can read over it and correct any mistakes and typos so that your copy is ready for publishing.

  • Copyediting: If your copy is written but hasn't been edited, I can edit it, as well as make suggestions to improve structure, tone, clarity, flow, voice, and style.

All writing projects have different word counts and needs. Please fill in the form below to give me an idea of what you're looking for. I'm happy to adjust my services to work within your budget and time constraints.


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